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First, let me thank every one of you for watching this website. Your comments mean a great deal to me, and are always heart felt.


More than a few of you have asked how to get this book to read with an i device — pad, phone. etc.. It’s very easy, actually. In the APPS store, there is a Kindle Reader which is a FREE app. This will allow you to read the Kindle books — including mine! — on your i-device.


Second, less than a week after I, Walter was released, a Kindle reader gave it a 5 Star review ! :))) Fantastic. This is a great honor, and I’ve been humbled by it. I’ve also been so ecstatic about it for the last two weeks that I feel like I’m watching the birds below me!


Over the next few weeks, the paperback version will become available, and then the audio version towards June. In the meantime, Im also looking forward to posting a few scenes that were either edited or deleted to show you what sometimes doesn’t make the cut.

Thank you again for all your positive feedback, and all your good wishes.