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Writing came upon me like a fever, and rather than exorcise it, I embraced it. Since I’m living in and writing from Canada, and not evangelical, I took the .ca website. Nothing too fiery, we’re Canadian, eh?

The Eternity Series inspired by Canterbury Tales delineates a narrating rivalry between explorers drawn from all positions of society. The stories are as different as the travelers themselves, including parody, tenderness, disaster, and negativity. The Tales were written about a group of people on a pilgrimage to the town of Canterbury, in the 1300s.

In my tales, readers will notice that the stories weave around various professions: the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, the knight-errant, and others.  And the tales are not told over a period of weeks or months.  Mine starts with I, Walter in 1588, and will continue until the present day.

So, hang on for the ride, and come join me as I celebrate individuals of all walks of life.  And hopefully, along the way, I’ll be able to make others think, not just about appearances, but about the challenges in life that we all face… in our own, different, ways.

Though I was US-born, I grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada,  and currently live in Vancouver.   I’m a compassionate man who balances the everyday craziness of family and business offerings with the quiet solitude that writing provides.

 An accomplished writer and author, I had published three books including one of very personal poetry, and two of family history, before starting The Eternity Series.  

Best Sellers

I, James

He’s fighting for his life. She’s a spitfire in disguise. Can they break their bonds to find love on the high seas?

James Crofter had a happy life until his uncle kidnapped him at age 11. Forced into slavery, James has no choice but to make allies who will stop at nothing to help him escape… if the opportunity ever comes. When he finally wins his freedom, he never expected to find something more important than breaking free.

Rosalind was taken from her family at a young age. She escaped the hands of a cruel master by disguising herself as a boy. Now the cook aboard a ship, she meets a kindred spirit in James.

Can the former slaves overcome their difficult pasts to create a bright future?

I, James is the second installment in the Eternity Series, a saga of standalone seafaring adventures. If you like coming-of-age tales, clean romance, and strong male and female characters, then you’ll love Mike Hartner’s latest historical novel.

I, Mary

A girl with something to prove. A ship with endless challenges. Will life on the water set her free?

Mary Crofter has spent her life around ships. She’s in love with the sea in an era that keeps girls far away from the deck. Breaking social norms, she joins the crew of a small ship and sets sail for a new life.

Eager to prove her mettle to the all-male crew, Mary demands she be treated no differently. She works hard in a world that finds an English civil war brewing and spies around every turn. When she meets a man who offers her a much safer life on dry land, she must choose between the promise of love and the call of the sea.

I, Mary is the third installment of the Eternity Series, a saga of seafaring adventures for both teens and adults. If you like strong female characters, immersive historical fiction, and sweet romance, then you’ll love Mike Hartner’s adventurous tale of the sea.

Buy I, Mary today to set sail for an adventure of a lifetime!

I, Angus

During a time of civil strife and purging the North has lost more men to Wars then it ever did to Nature. Angus has grown up learning that his life is better off with only him and a family. But is that really in the Grand Plan? The North needs someone to build a community. But first, he needs to be beaten, shaped, bolded, and trained.

Watch as Angus hits both lows and highs across the lands of England, Scotland, and France, before meeting a challenge of new land.


In a country and a time where favor and politics were both deadly, can an honest boy stay true to himself? Especially given his family background?

Walter Crofter was born in Elizabethan England, the youngest son of a poor family. After watching his father’s fall and the suffering it caused Walter learns from a young age that favor is fleeting. Young Walter leaves home to find his own way and is swept away on one of the ships in service to the crown.

The seas are full of dangers, from unforeseen storms to brutal pirates. During one of Walter’s many sea voyages he encounters a girl who will change his fortune. But in order to survive in a world where favor can bring a man a lifetime of good fortune or destroy him in the blink of an eye, Walter must stay true to himself and his values.

Walter faces the question we all face, are we what we are born into or can we become more? I, Walter is a tale of love, courage, and adventure. 

From all four books from The Eternity Series, here are several short stories featuring some of the minor characters who have inspired a certain amount of curiosity about their own stories. From James Stuart’s cousin Bart and a particularly overconfident sea captain named Marek in I, Walter; to Crofter Shipping crew member Jose Corazon and Crofter family banker Michael Farnsworth in I, James; to the first female sea captain Mary Crofter Farquharson’s four sons Keith, Kyle, Ian and Fergus in I, Mary; and Margret and Aileen – the adopted daughters of Reverend Angus Mackenzie in I, Angus – each of these characters have their own stories to tell beyond the books of The Eternity Series. And here are just a few of them: a baker’s dozen of such background stories.


A series of books in a saga which will span continents and time to arrive in present day North America. Each in the series will be connected, though that connection may not be obvious for several more books. It’s almost like looking at a menorah (sic). Many lines, seemingly individual, connect to center at different points.

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 Eternity Series of books is a saga which willspan continents and time to arrive in present day North America. Each in the series will be connected, though that connection may not be obvious for several more books. It’s almost like looking at a menorah (sic).Many lines, seemingly individual, connect to center at different points.



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