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Someone once said, “Fore warned is Fore Armed.”
When I heard that as a young boy, I thought it would be interesting to see someone with four arms.
Today, I use the phrase myself, and understand what was meant.

I, Walter is the first story in a line of many, that will be character driven. Before I’m done, this saga will span several hundred years, and bring us past present day and into the future. It’s a monumental task, but I also have seen the full picture in my mind.

To me, there are two things about embarking on this saga that are scary. The first is that shortly after I saw the grand picture, it shattered into many little jigsaw pieces, and now, it is my turn to put these pieces back in place for my readers and friends. Each of those pieces represents another character, another place in time, and another adventure. Should I be able to do this properly, every one of us will come away from the saga having enjoyed it.

The second thing about this saga that scares me is the overwhelming scope of this project. Good authors can keep people entertained for a whole book, without too much sag in the middle. Great authors and stories can be dealt with over several books. THe STar Wars Trilogy, The Harry Potter series (seven books), and others come to mind.

This series, I believe, will be a series based on characters, and adventures. I’ve never shied from telling a story, and even though this is my FIRST fictional series, I have received critcal acclaim from people in the know. To those people, I re-iterate my great thanks for your time, your comments and your help.

In the beginning, one of my current-day (meaning late 20th/early 21st century) characters made a comment about …”traveling an Eternity for a Popsicle.” THe context of that comment is long gone from my mind. But the phrase remains, and that then will be my name for the entire series.

I originally wrote of the twentieth century characters, and when I couldn’t seem to get it into proper publishing format, I was diverted by my editor to tell of the history of one aspect of the story, and to take it back to its beginning… as far back in history as I could.

THat then became I, Walter. I, Walter is an adventure story, an historical romance, and a character study all in one. His story, and his book are the first piece in the puzzle. And there will be many more.

Come with me, then, as we travel into the world of Walter and others, and begin to piece together this jigsaw puzzle. Come with me as we travel an “Eternity for a Popsicle.”